In order to identify new business opportunities, networking with others is important for Stena New Ventures. One example is Win-Water in Lund, Sweden, which is a collaborative platform within water purification, where Stena New Ventures became a member during the year together with both large companies and a large number of start-ups. During the past year, tests and co-development for the purification of industrial wastewater into usable water and extracted raw materials have been conducted with a number of start-ups within this grouping.

Another example of collaboration to create new business opportunities is the campaign that was conducted during the financial year together with the private equity company Antler, Ericsson, and others under the title “Restart the Future” with the ambition to get a large number of businesses started. Over 1,500 people took part in the campaign and received training/coaching, which resulted in a total of 200 new potential business solutions being developed.

Incubators at different universities are additional examples of interfaces that generate a good flow of opportunities for collaboration with start-ups to Stena New Ventures, directly or where another company within the Stena Sphere may be relevant as a first customer.


During the year, Stena New Ventures became part-owner when PaperShell AB was founded. The company manufactures fibre composites based on partly recycled material. The objective is to replace veneer, plastic, and glass fibre in components that are currently used in sports, interior design and architecture, as well as in transport.

PaperShell’s material has proven to have a minimal environmental impact compared to most material options on the market. The material behaves like a composite and is stronger than both plastic and moulded wood which enables significant weight reductions.